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Seawall Repair, Preservation, and Stabilization

If You Need Seawall Repair In Northern And Central California, Contact Pacific Coast Underpinning Today

Seawalls are essential for protecting waterfront property – both residential and commercial – from erosion and flooding. If your seawall’s structural integrity starts to falter because the sandy soil supporting is washing away, you might not notice it at first. If heavy rain comes along and makes things worse and you end up with voids, it could jeopardize the structural integrity of your seawall.

Pacific Coast Underpinning’s seawall specialists will inspect your seawall to ensure it’s undamaged and structurally sound. Contact us today.

Seawall Repair

Seawall Repair Is Always Better Than Seawall Replacement

If you ignore the warning signs and don’t get your seawall repaired, you could end up with catastrophic damage and a necessary seawall replacement.

Seawall Repair

Warning Signs Ignored

Seawall Repair

Catastrophic Property Damage

Contact Pacific Coast Underpinning For A Seawall Inspection

While hairline cracks in a seawall are pretty normal and caused by seasonal temperature variations and moisture fluctuations, larger cracks could be a sign something is wrong.

Contact us today and make an appointment to have your seawall inspected. We’ll assess the seawall’s structural integrity by looking for corrosion, soil erosion, cracks, rotation, and upload settlement. We’ll also inspect your seawall cap because the cap protects your property from weather and waves.

Seawall Repair

We use SW-RP1 and SW-RP6 semi-rigid hydrophobic polyurethane foams to repair seawalls. These foams are specially designed for repairing seawalls and form a watertight mass in sandy soil.

How Seawall Repair Foams Work

Seawall repair foams stabilize the soil, fill voids, and seal leaks. They mix with sandy soil to form a solid, impermeable mass that will, along with proper drainage, help extend the life of your seawall.

Prevent Seawall Damage With Proper Maintenance

Proper seawall maintenance will prevent damage and potential seawall replacement. Maintenance involves containing vegetation growth, cleaning weep holes, and a visual inspection.

Vegetation Maintenance
Vegetation, in its search for moisture, can get behind and into a seawall, causing cracks that weaken it. Waves that start hitting a seawall that isn’t structurally sound can cause serious damage.

Weep Hole Cleaning
Weep holes serve as pressure relief valves for seawalls. Therefore, they need to be free of debris like leaves and dirt. Cleaning weep holes should be part of a regular seawall maintenance plan.

Seawall Inspection
A visual inspection ensures your seawall is structurally sound. The goal is to catch problems early before they become critical. We look for cracks, evidence of erosion, deterioration, etc. If you have a wooden seawall, we’ll inspect it for termites, wood rot, and splits.

Concrete Seawall Preservation
Seawalls are exposed 24/7 to the elements. Over time this can lead to deterioration. Even the reinforcing steel inside the concrete seawall can corrode. If this happens, the concrete around the steel will deteriorate.

Seawall preservation is always better than replacement. Contact Pacific Coast Underpinning today for help preserving and restoring your seawall. All the products we use are safe for marine environments.

Advanced Methods For Repairing Seawalls – Seawall Stabilization

The material we use to repair seawalls is environmentally-friendly and able to
fix cracks, stabilize and strengthen the soil, and prevent erosion.

  • Prevent Hydrostatic Pressure From Building Up – Hydrostatic pressure can build up behind seawalls and cause cracks. We have methods that will prevent hydrostatic pressure from building up.
  • Seawall Cap Repair – We can restore your seawall cap’s integrity using high-strength epoxy and concrete.
  • Seawall Anchoring – Seawalls can be strengthened using steel tie-backs. Tie-backs anchor the seawall to soil that can support it and prevent further movement.

Pacific Coast Underpinning is part of the Seawall Repair Network, a national seawall preservation, and repair network of highly-trained and qualified Preferred Marine Contractors. Pacific Coast Underpinning offers seawall repair solutions for the Northern California and Bay area.

Seawall Repair Network


Pacific Coast Underpinning supports commercial projects across the state of California.

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