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Polyurethane Foam Injection: Commercial & Industrial Slab Repair

Concrete Leveling Using Poly Foam Injection

Foundations and concrete slabs settle for various reasons, including inadequate compaction, organic material in the soil, poor site conditions, broken pipes, and erosion. As soil becomes saturated with water, the clay expands and as the clay dries out, it retracts. The constant change in the moisture content allows for unstable soil and for your concrete to move freely. Uneven concrete can be a huge liability. Concrete often moves slowly over time and goes unnoticed until it is a potential hazard. Using polyurethane can help improve the internal and external properties of concrete, such as longevity, safety, and appearance.

Our polymer foams are a fast and powerful solution for slab jacking and structure lifting, with a small footprint and minimal interruption to everyday business. They fill voids and bring structures and pavements back to level. The foam cures to 90% full strength in just 15 minutes and after clean up, the structure is ready for use again.

Polymer foams are environmentally safe and do not react with the soil or emit harmful chemicals.

Applications include, but are not limited to, the lifting and leveling of:

  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete decks
  • Concrete pool areas
  • Foundations
  • Terraces
  • ADA ramps

Top seven reasons to choose Polyurethane foam injection:

The Problem:
Settled Slabs Cause:

  • Damage to Material Handling Equipment and Loads
  • Uneven/Unsafe Racking and Shelving
  • Slab Joint Damage (Spalls)
  • Trip Hazards and Litigation

Risk Joint “Rocking Slabs” and Concrete Cracks Cause:

  • Slab Deterioration Over Time
  • Floor Destabilization
  • Damage to Material Handling Equipment and Loads
  • Trip Hazards & Litigation Risk

The Solution:
How Does Polymer Foam Help?

  • Lifts Slab Back to Level Height. We can raise slabs to within 1/10” of the desired height.
  • Reinforcing Eroded Areas – Polymer foam displaces water and cures into a solid mass reversing the erosion process.
  • Compacting Soil – Foam injection compacts loose soil to create a strong substrate.
  • Filling Voids Caused by Decay – Polymer foam fills voids before it cures.

What Are the Results?

  • Use of Slab the Same Day as Repair – Cures to 90% full strength in 15 minutes. In most cases the site is ready for traffic right after clean up.
  • Lift and/or Stabilization Lasting Decades


Pacific Coast Underpinning supports commercial projects across the state of California.

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