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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair In California

Poor construction and other soil related issues can cause a number of foundation problems. Pacific Coast Underpinning offers galvanized steel push piers and helical pier for lifting, leveling, and stabilizing commercial foundations.

Our Foundation Repair Solutions

Here at Pacific Coast Underpinning, we offer a variety of advanced foundation repair methods that are engineered to perform and specifically designed to meet your foundation repair needs. Our specialized techniques allow us to lift foundations back to maximum practical level.

Resistance Push Piers – Resistance push piers help prevent foundation settlement. With the installation of push piers, we can lift, level and permanently stabilize foundations. They can be installed in either interior or exterior locations. In some cases, they can also be connected to the sides of building columns. Resistance piers not only stop settlement but can also be used to raise the structure back to level conditions.

Installation: After heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the bottom of the foundation, a hydraulic ram drives the galvanized steel piers through the brackets and down into the load-bearing strata. When the piers are in place, hydraulic lifting cylinders raise the building back to level.

Helical Piers – We offer helical piers for projects that require a deep foundation system due to less than ideal soil conditions. Helical piers can be used to lift and stabilize foundations experiencing settlement. When the soil under a foundation isn’t stable – this can happen for a variety of reasons – it can, over time, cause the foundation to sink unevenly. When this happens, we say the structure has “differential settlement.” Essentially, the helical pier distributes the weight of the commercial building into load bearing soils that are much stronger.

Helical piers are shaped like large corkscrews and are turned into the ground until they reach load-bearing soil. Installation is quick and there’s minimal soil disturbance.

Other names for helical piers include helical piles, screw piles, screw piers, screw anchors, ground anchors, and helical anchors.


Pacific Coast Underpinning supports commercial projects across the state of California.

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